Volunteer Opportunities 2011-2012

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ms. Nagan and specify which areas you are interested in helping with.  Volunteers are always needed, whether you would like to work directly with a class or behind the scenes.  You may volunteer before, during, or after school, or even on weekends.  We can set up a regular schedule, or you may volunteer whenever you have time.

You can volunteer....

* For our STEM Community Day 2011 on September 9.  Volunteers are needed at all times in the school day to assist classes with tie dyeing t-shirts.

* During STEaM integration time (at the end of each school day).

* As a guest artist or designer.  Whether you have an artistic hobby (jewelry making, woodworking, etc.), make art professionally, or are a designer, STEM students love to see you come in to share your talents with them and show them how they can make art a part of their lives!

* From home: attaching paper frames to artwork, labeling/organizing artwork, etc.

* With our Artsonia online gallery: take photographs of student artwork, upload photos, organize photos

* During class: converse with students about their artwork, assist students with finding/using materials and tools, read to a class, assist with small group activities, etc.

* Before/After School (prepping studio centers, working on Artsonia gallery, framing student artwork, hanging student artwork, etc.)

* Have another good idea about how you can volunteer? Contact Ms. Nagan to let her know!