Classroom Wish List Fall 2011

We love to reuse or recycle items for environmentally responsible art making.  If  you have any of the suggested items below, or even something that is not on the list that you think we could use, could  you consider bringing the item(s) in to class or our school's STEaM supply room for us to make new creations with?  Thank you for helping our planet and our artwork!

Recycled Items:

-Magazines (child-appropriate content--especially looking for magazines with animals)
-large plastic containers and lids
-baskets (plastic or other materials)
-bottle caps (various colors and sizes)
-building blocks
-jewelry wire

New Items That we Use a Lot:

-rolls of masking tape (any width)
-rolls of clear tape (any width)
-batteries (for Flip video cameras and digital cameras)
-Elmer's washable glue
-duct tape (any width)
-Play Doh
-Brass fasteners
-Pink Pearl Erasers and drawing erasers